links for 2009-08-03

  • The doors opened and the typical mass scrambled into the car, the late ones rushing as though they could make the subway system go faster simply by shoving their way in and being the first to grab the germ (but posh germ)-ridden safety pole. In the bustle of movement, a man who I can only describe as a cross between Danny DeVito and Jaba the Hut hopped (really hopped) on board. But it wasn't only him - he toted an amp and a 1,000,000 year old saxophone. A small cup made out of duct tape was fastened to the amp, which rode comfortably on a dolly. This man, I realized, was about to troub (what I've come to call it) on the subway.
  • A few weeks ago, I was walking between subway lines when I passed a busker- a common sight on the TTC. As I did, though, I noticed that all the people who were walking immediately by him had headphones plugged firmly into their ears. After noticing that, I scanned my eyes over the area- probably 30% of people walking through the subway were listening to some kind of music device- maybe 60% if you only consider people that were traveling alone. That 60% included me, by the way.
  • There is no reasonable way to reduce the noise without disrupting railroad operations.

    They could at least reduce the noise level during middays by using shore power to provide heating and circulation pump power with the prime mover turned off.

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