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  • Recently I was in the studio working with a band from Portland, and we began making fun of commercial heavy rock bands and a certain singing style that has become prevalent. (Fish in a barrel, right?) "You mean 'yarling'," I explained, and gave examples. They laughed and said that was it exactly, but that they had always termed it "Seattle" singing. I have to give credit to my friends Josh and Alex of the Hot Rod Lunatics for coming up with this term.

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  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae, more commonly known as yeast, is a unicellular fungus with a cell cycle similar to that of humans. The first eukaryote to have its genome fully sequenced and a standard model organism in biology research,iii yeast is an organism that lends itself easily to multisensory experiences. It has been imaged extensively with light and atomic force microscopy, and anyone who has seen the bottom of a pint glass or walked past a bakery can speak to S. cerevisiae’s olfactory and gustatory allures. It is fitting, then, that this species is also the first to have its cellular noises amplified and recorded.
  • Satoshi Morita holds BA from Tokyo Zokei University and MA form University of Arts Berlin where he has specialized in Sound Studies. He participated at many new media art oriented exhibitions, such as: paraflows, CyberArts 08 – Prix Ars Electronica, LAB 30, Kristallrauschen, Höhlerbiennale 2007, x sounds, 3. Berliner Kunstsalon, sonambiente berlin, Gropiusstadt Kunstprojekt, Sounddesign for performance project, Sounddesign for theatre, etc.

    About the project sound capsule he says that ‘When you lie down in the capsule, you are physically covered and in a relaxed position. Because of the sound material and the total setting of the experience in the capsule, your consciousness to your own body will be gained and built an extraordinary sonic experience – bodily listening’.

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  • Ok I wanted to know who are the voices behind the
    IND-8th Av Line?
    IND-6th Av Line?
    whole BMT lines also?

    And also does 1 of these people have like a voice syntheizer.Thx appreciated.
    7th av-Diane Thompson
    Lex-Jessica Ettinger

  • Based on the same titled novel written by Bee-suk Jung, Madame Freedom is the first successful modern drama film in Korea, and one of the most controversial films at that time– in the 1950s– due to its intimate scenes. A professor's wife, Madame Oh, falls into a craze for dancing and breaks up her family, while her husband, professor Jang, falls for his student. This film focuses on the ethics of healthy monogamy and family relationship. Technical achievements of Madame Freedom were extraordinary for a black and white film. Director Hyung-mo Han was well known for his interest in film technology and his pursuit of perfection on the set. Director Han, whose visions were ahead of his time, understood the potential of Korean films to break grounds on social issues.

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