Mariachi Mix

Musicians in Plaza Garibaldi, Mexico City D.F. 11pm, November 20, 2009.

Last night, after a long day of wonderful conversations and presentations by colleagues in the Society for Ethnomusicology, I went out on the city with Ben for dinner and a soundwalk. Eventually we found ourselves in Plaza Garibaldi, known for the many mariachi groups and bandas norteƱas who hawk their skills and play requests for passing listeners.

Walking home from the plaza, we both wondered why so many costumed mariachis were standing in the street hailing taxis, but not getting in.

Listening and torture revisited

“They lay motionless side by side. Theo was aware of the strong smell of the sawn wood and the dead fire, of the oblong of sunlight like a green veil, of the silence, windless, birdless, of her heartbeats and his own. They were wrapped in an intensity of listening which was miraculously devoid of anxiety. Was this what the victims of torture felt when they passed through the extremity of pain into peace?”

-P.D. James, Children of Men, 1992