It’s a Meme trap!

The rules:

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.

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OK. Here we go.

1. I saw the Fugees on the campus of UVA in 1996, right before their second album dropped. A few weeks later I played “Killing Me Softly” at a Battle of the Bands in my band, the Kim Tevis Fan Club, which we named after a girl in high school. I played a ratty GTX plugged into an old Fender Harvard amp. We lost to a Metallica cover band with Marshall stacks.

2. The cat in my house is named Fondé, which is the Wolof word for porridge.

3. I’ve never owned an iPod, although I’ve written about it. I have an iRiver HP-120 with Rockbox firmware somewhere, but I haven’t used it since I worked at the heart factory.

4. Eu falou Português.

5. I have a bachelor’s degree in music theory.  I bet you can’t find anyone else who does.

6. When I was a kid my brother and I were models and actors.  We were in grocery store commercials, father’s day newspaper ads, textbooks, even a movie directed by Jodie Foster.  I was in an industry film about coal, and while we were filming I passed out and fell in a river.

7. My first kiss was with a grandchild of the 40th treasurer of the United States.

And tags: Chris, Damien, Michael, Nick, Sydney, Tes and Todd.