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Vandal Squad on This American Life

Listening and torture revisited

“They lay motionless side by side. Theo was aware of the strong smell of the sawn wood and the dead fire, of the oblong of sunlight like a green veil, of the silence, windless, birdless, of her heartbeats and his own. They were wrapped in an intensity of listening which was miraculously devoid of anxiety. Was this what the victims of torture felt when they passed through the extremity of pain into peace?”

-P.D. James, Children of Men, 1992

Mad Man

Joan Halloway married this guy.

WTF, Kanye. Ninjas?

Everyone’s talking about the autotune, but I want to know what’s with this Final Fantasy-esque bullshit?

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Ninja taiko = Harajuku girls + Olympics opening ceremony.

When the mainstream is the avant-garde of the past

Very rarely I see my teenage musical dreams fulfilled many years later, and the video for “Chopped N Screwed” by T-Pain featuring Ludacris [embedding disabled by T-Pain himself] can be considered such a fulfillment.

The doubling of the beats, imitated in the vocals (”chopped, chopped” and all over Ludacris’ verse), sounds as a counterpoint for the electronic imitation of T-Pain’s vocals that the auto-tune generates (see T-Pain vs. his Vocoder for additional commentary). Meanwhile, the video effects are straight out of a Richard James-era Aphex Twin video.  You know I’m a sucker for oversaturation, and this video delivers sonically and visually.