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Fast food engineering innovation: fried chicken on top, soda on bottom.

  • TwitterGadget is a clean, robust, web 2.0 style client for, designed to eliminate the need to install third-party applications to monitor and submit status updates to Twitter via your iGoogle homepage.

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Chris says “I’m going to cook my pasta with the Oriental button!

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Pigeon with headphones
Urban listening?

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  • Thunderbird only: Thunderbird extension Google Contacts automatically syncs contacts between your Google and Thunderbird address books. The sync is bi-directional, and the extension is smart enough to detect Gmail accounts you've already set up in Thunderbird, so setup is a breeze. Beyond that, there's not much to it—Google Contacts does exactly what it sets out to do.
  • Gmail's IMAP support roll-out this week had nerds all atwitter about the possibility of synchronized email access across devices, computers, and clients. IMAP is far superior to regular old POP for fetching your messages and maintaining your folder list whether you're on your iPhone, office or home computer. If IMAP's got you curious but you're not sure what desktop application to use with Gmail, consider the extensible, fast, cross-platform and free Mozilla Thunderbird, our beloved Firefox's little sibling. Here's how to get the full Gmail experience in Thunderbird with IMAP.
  • route your Facebook status updates to Twitter using Twitterfeed
  • if you want to subscribe to your friends' facebook statii, use this link
  • feed your blog to twitter - post RSS to twitter automatically
  • Listening to women who work as prostitutes is as important as ever. Marriage, parenting, male violence and self-respect will all have to be accepted as serious political agenda items if the women now living on wages from prostitution are to become actors, and not mere symbols, in movements to transform foreign military bases into productive civilian institutions. Listening is political.
  • The tune itself had an old-time slave spiritual quality to it that reminded me of something Nina Simone would have dug up and reinvented. "I'm not loving you, way I wanted to" was the first line, obviously targeted to his ex-fiance Alexis Phifer , whom he had just publicly split with, and that topical urgency made the performance more electric. The verse kept it clipped close, but the chorus blew up. He belted "You keep your love lockdown. You lose," as a small army of ninjas weilding drum sticks sprung up behind a wall of taiko drums, pounding out a heavy, stark rhythm and his singing grew more forceful.

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  • The New York subway system is a city unto itself. It is drastically different than the DC Metro, the one subway system I am at all used to. Once mastered however, it opens up a world of discovery, all for the price of a fare card. And, thanks to people like this guy, even waiting for a train can be entertaining. Perhaps on my next visit I will bring along my own tenor sax, and see if I can make a few dollars before being bludgeoned by people with a refined taste in music, or at least a decent sense of hearing.
  • The NYPD-Justice dispute included requests from New York City to monitor "numerous communications facilities." These reportedly included telephones in high-risk public places such as subway and train stations. Technology can now glean insights from aggregated data such as phone conversations. The problem is that the FISA framework doesn't allow such blanket surveillance, the technology for which didn't exist when the law was enacted.
  • The South Pasadena City Council and citizen's group has requested MTA reveal the results of their noise and vibration measurements that the line is CURRENTLY emitting, and MTA has refused to disclose the information. It is ironic that MTA is refusing to disclose the information because they're being sued for adverse noise and vibration impacts
  • And then it was dark and cold and time to go home. As I walked out of the subway station with dozens of other people in tow, a funny thought hit me: all these people were just like me. We had all been somewhere else, but as we ran up the steps of the station, we were all just anxiously trying to get home. It's as if the subway doors opened and marked a return to a more comfortable reality. Whatever adventure we had been on during the day was not nearly as exciting as the feeling of going home.
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  • There were a ton of detours on the subways, depending on where I was headed, but thanks to some careful listening and utilization of the station maps, I was able to get home - without directions, without asking for help… without looking like an outsider so much. I believe the quality that will have you respected in this town is if you at least look like where you're headed (even if you've no damned clue). Confidence, no matter the concentration percentage, tends to go a long, long way - whether in NY or LA, plain and simple.
  • For once, I’d love to hear someone shout about the impending MTA budget cuts (less subway service!) and fare hikes instead of the oft-mentioned smelly pizza topping. Yes. We’re packed in like the proverbial sardines. SIGH.

    As commuters bludgeoned the left side of my body, I was forced to get extremely close to the person in front of me, who immediately turned around, in case there was a question of paternity nine months down the road.

    We locked eyes.

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  • So, when I talked with L early on Wednesday, she mentioned that she had some problems with the subway as she headed home this afternoon. Skipping stops, busy, people everywhere. To try and skip the Lexington line, I decided to take the C, up the West Side, until 81st. Where I would grab the bus across the Park, and head home. I like that commute — it is civilized, I am above ground . . .
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  • I've been wondering about the New York Police Department's plans to "monitor" mobile phone calls in "high-risk" areas; at least some New Yorkers offer mildly-enthusiastic endorsement of the idea.
  • After taking my girlfriend out to celebrate her birthday and dropping her home. I jump on the 6 train in Harlem and then transfer to the E, the train which has tied for 1st in the most disgusting trains in the NYC Subway system.
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  • Eurobeat is a genre of music produced entirely in one country, Italy, and consumed entirely in another, way on the other side of the earth: Japan. It's been running as a genre more or less constantly for twenty years now, without slowing down much. And it's got its own huge subculture, which involves one of the strangest looks to appear in the part decade, in any country: the blackface Ganguro girls.
  • I was listening to NY-based band HappyFunSmile on my iShuffle on my subway commute home last night, and it hit me that bands like HappyFunSmile, Gaijin-a-Go-Go, Soh Daiko (of which Ariel Shearman (Ichikawa-ken, 1994-97) is a member) and perhaps others seem to be part of a trend that could be called “Jameri-pop,” i.e., a hybrid of US and Japanese culture, though perhaps with an ironic sense more typical in U.S. culture than Japanese. Sort of a twist on Roland Kelts‘ Japanamerica concept.
  • weighing the pros and cons of each device

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